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Our Services. 

Road and Parking Lot Striping


Road and parking lot striping-

  • Wheel Stops

  • Bollards

  • Road Side Signs

  • Handicap Parking

  • Fire Lane Striping




Paint and Thermoplastic

Our equipment is capable of long line-in Paint and Thermoplastic. These hard synthetic resins are applied at a temperature reaching 450°F which melts into the asphalt. We can also do the legends in thermo, such as:

  • Stops

  • Bars

  • Arrows

  • Letters

Road Side Signs.

We manufacture and install Local, City, State, or County spec:

  • Street Name signs

  • Warning signs

  • Guide signs

  • and Regulatory signs


We also install:

  • Traffic Control signs

  • Barricade Cones


    *We can manufacture any custom sign requested




                          (619) 443-7755


We Make Custom Signs & Stickers!!!

CA LICENSE #:775886

C32 C61/D42 HIC C61/D38

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